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Bird of Paradise orlando main

Bird of Paradise

Clean food, clever drinks & local focus have East End eatery humming. I imagine when Ricky from Rochester realizes that simple assault charges aren’t a ...
Swan City Bagels Wall

Swan City Bagels

Eola Heights hideaway dishes bagels with a bighearted schmear of good vibes. It wasn’t love at first bite. When I was introduced to bagels, I was unimpresse...
portuguese tile at bem bom

Bem Bom

Audubon Park eatery does its own thing and does it well We’re not a proud bunch at Orlando Eats. When being poured wine, Munch suggests servers stop ‘when i...
Pork Rinds Swine and Sons Orlando

Swine & Sons

Winter Park gem hits all the right notes Dear Diary, I was a huge fan of The Smiths. Like bangs-to-my-chin, you’re-incapable-of-understanding-my-pain, d...
The guts of Jaleo


Small plates fizzle on a big stage. José Andrés is a big deal. A big man with big talent and an even bigger personality who’s enjoyed some awfully big succ...
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