Contacting Orlando Eats

There’s a number of reasons why you shouldn’t contact us: You’re salty because your food sucks and we called you out on it, your cat’s stuck in a tree, or you want to know how to field dress a deer. But, but, but…there are gobs of reasons you should contact us:

Request an anonymous review

Orlando Eats reviews all restaurants equally, honestly, and entirely incognito. Believe us, with our top hat, monocle, and fake ‘stache, there’s no way you’ll spot us. Send us a request, and we’ll get back to you with a yes, no, or maybe so.

Share your news and recipes

Have news worth sharing? Recipes worth trying? Send your stuff our way and it might find its way into the pages of Orlando Eats.

Give us money

Want to join the throngs of ecstatic Orlando Eats’ advertisers sleeping on piles of dough? Show us some money and we’ll show you some traffic. We never advertise restaurants, but all other things culinary are fair game. Bake cakes, brew beer, host events? Let our audience know about it.

Orlando Eats Salon

The Orlando Eats Salon is an ongoing private event that brings together local chefs with Orlando eaters in various Central Florida locations. Interested in participating as a diner or a chef? Drop us a note.

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