Bangkrak’s skipping town. Is this a forever goodbye?

Our very own Go-Kart Romeo was told by an ambulance full of clowns that Bangkrak Thai Street Kitchen will soon be picking up sticks, hopping a big ole’ jet plane back to Thailand, and may or may not return to Orlando in March of 2020. For a city thin on standout Thai eateries, it’s a bit of a bloody body blow. Oh, Bangkrak, why hast thou forsaken us?

Bangkrak Thai Street Kitchen Orlando
Bangkrak Thai Street Kitchen
Who’s, what’s & when’s here.

Taglish is bringing Filipino-American eats to Lotte Plaza

The Tung brothers have been busy. Bento, Domu, Tori Tori, Chela, and Soupa Saiyan are among the Orlando eateries in which they have a stake. They’re now teaming up with former Bento Group Culinary Director, Michael Collantes, to bring a taste of the Philippines to O-Town. Collantes, who is Filipino-American, is pedigreed as all get out. His CV drips with words like Robuchon, Michelin, and Ripert.

Burger at Taglish in Orlando Filipino Restaurant
This is a photo of the Longanisa Burger. It was lifted from @taglishfl

Taglish – an amalgam of Tagalog and English – will open in Lotte Plaza Market on West Colonial Drive sometime this fall (we’re told). Orlando has long had a passably decent selection of Asian restaurants but has long lacked anything remotely resembling a go-to for Filipino eats. Fast casual Taglish promises a smattering of traditional dishes like Chicken Adobo, Lumpia, and Kare Kare offset by Americanized bites like a pork sausage “Longanisa Burger” as well as reimagined classics and original plates. We’re particularly stoked about the Kare Kare (oxtail in a thick peanut sauce) and to finally have a place to enjoy the kaleidoscopic, you-get-what-you-get dessert that is Halo Halo.

3191 W Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808

Stuff is (still) happening at Henry’s Depot in Sanford

Sanford keeps inching its way into legitimate ‘where do you want to eat tonight?’ conversations. Por ejemplo; Henry’s Depot. It’s deep in the throes of open and will feature six different food vendors and a full-service cocktail bar. Henry’s is located in a renovated train depot, the cocktail bar is called the Basin and is officially open, and the shifting identity of food vendors appears to have been pinned down. It currently includes the likes of vegan dynamo Dixie Dharma, Greenery Creamery, Grain & Ember (pizza), and Salvatore’s Prime Sandwiches, all of which are currently in ‘soon to be open’ mode. Bonus points appear in order for plentiful seating, a large outdoor patio, live events, and proximity to SunRail.

Henry's Depot in Sanford Florida
It’ll be happening here. Photo from
Henry’s Depot
212 W 1st St
Sanford, FL 32771

Bruno’s Making Bagels in College Park

You heard right, friendo – the king of O-Town pizza pie, Pizza Bruno, has birthed Bagel Bruno; a purveyor of “Montreal style” bagels. Bagel Bruno is the lovechild of Pizza Bruno and the caffeine-fueled marketing blitzkrieg that is Foxtail Coffee.

Bagel from Bagel Bruno in College Park Orlando
This photo was jacked from @bagelbruno. Snitches get stitches.

The Bagels? Naturally leavened sourdough, boiled with malt syrup, hand rolled and baked in a stone fire oven. Fab, fab, fab. We’ve also heard whispered possibilities of Taylor Pork Roll. Please, please be true. We have far too little Jersey in our lives.

Bagel Bruno
3405 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
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