I refuse to write it. I’m not going to write it. I won’t write it. Fuck it: Spring has sprung! Rally ‘round the maypole bitches because with the arrival of spring (or summer as we know it in Central Florida), you’re going see updated seasonal menus from Orlando restos various and sundry.

Yesterday we were treated to a sneak peek of a spring menu item from Winter Park’s Spanish staple, Bulla: Empanadas filled with tuna, egg and olive served with a side of tomato jam. The tuna derives a bit of smoke from what we’re guessing is smoked paprika and the sweet jam does a reasonable job of ensuring the dish isn’t one-note. Overall? Meh. Is it good? Sure. Is it solidly good? Not really. The empanada itself was executed very well, the tuna filling a bit forgettable. It’s not go out of your way good.

We’re deducting additional points due to the fact that in adding a Tuna Empanada, Bulla has removed one of its more authentic tastes; Buñuelos de Bacalao (cod fritters). Not that Bulla’s buñuelos were world beaters, but now we have nowhere in town to go for them (We think – hip us to cod fritter spots if you’ve got ‘em).

As an aside, we’re also seeing more Tito’s creep into drinks on the Bulla menu, which we abhore. Whoever operates the mass market mind control device at Tito’s HQ deserves a raise, ‘cause that vodka’s some dirty garbage. Our advice to Bulla is to stick with the lesser known, better made hooch, like the Spanish Wint & Lila that’s a menu staple.

Anywho – always worth spending a dollar or two at Bulla. It’s reliably good. Just not reliably great. With Jaleo just opening in Disney Springs, they’re gonna need to up their game  —  at least for food weirdos like us willing to drive to hell and back.

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