Every month Orlando Eats highlights a sampling of our top tastes in Central Florida – three random nibbles that delighted, surprised, or befuddled with their brilliance. Without further ado, our Best Bites at Orlando restaurants in February 2019.

Chicharron de Queso @ Hunger Street Tacos: $8

If you’ve been playing along, you know Orlando Eats adores @hunger_street. But we have to admit to only now discovering one of its better menu items – the chicharron de queso. A crispy sheet of Gouda for slathering with spot on guacamole and salsa. Repeat. A crispy sheet of Gouda. With guac on top. So good. So very good. (Read our review of Hunger Street Tacos HERE)

Chicharron de Queso at Hunger Street Tacos Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
Chicharron de Queso
Hunger Street Tacos
2103 W Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
(321) 444-6270

Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp with Spicy Chili Minced Pork @ Taste of Chengdu: $16.99

Pork and shrimp love each other. And we love the pork, shrimp and Sichuan pepper @tasteofchengdu_orlando. It rocks socks. We’re hopelessly addicted to the numb. If you asked us if we could eat here everyday, we’d say, “yes, we could eat here everyday.” Far from news. Far from fake. Others have Oxycontin. We have this.

Just stupid tasty
Taste of Chengdu
2030 W Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 839-1983

Hot Nashville Chicken Sandwich @ Swine & Sons: $9

We’ve never given Nashville much thought. Had a fine brunch there once. Got accosted by a street urchin (“I sed, gimme dollar!”). I hear they have country and western music. But, all the sudden, Nashville Hot Chicken keeps getting shoved in our face (and we keep shoving it in our mouths). What’s the dealio? It’s crispy as fee-uck. Sloppy as seconds. Tasty as tasty can be. At Orlando Eats’ love crush, Swine & Sons, they do it on buttered bread with homemade pickles and white barbecue sauce. White BBQ sauce?! You heard right. Mayo-based with a bit o’ horseradish, vinegar, and mustard (we’re assuming). In North Carolina, there’d be a call to arms for suggesting such sacrilege but it does go well with this helluva sammie..

Sloppy, sloppy, good
Swine & Sons
669 N. Orange Ave. Winter Park
Winter Park, FL 32789
SHOP: 407.636.7601 
CATERING: 407.636.3664

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