The relentless taco invasion of Orlando continues; a bombardment of heavy duty tortillary under which Orlando Eats has happily surrendered. We ventured deep into the heart of occupied territory today – the Milk District – where the latest bringer-of-tacos, MX Taco, has planted its pan-regional Mexican flag.

MX Tacos has only been open for 3 weeks, and my guess is that they’ll stay open far, far longer. It’s a small counter order affair that’s just now finding its legs – the signage outside still says Doctor Arepa (who I imagine found it difficult juggling both baking and surgery). They weren’t yet slinging booze on our visit, but we’ve been told there will be cinnamon-roasted pineapple sangria tomorrow (Jan 31) and craft beer not far behind.

Exterior of MX Taco Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
Doctor Arepa is no longer seeing patients

MX (as the hip kids aren’t calling it) is what a go-to taco joint should be. It’s small. Counter order. Affordable. They make their own hot sauces. Whisky Lou’s is next door.

We’ve only just dipped our toes in the salsa, but what we ate at MX was authentic and good. Soft corn tortillas are flavorful, work well around fillings and under tooth and, just like in in-country taquerias, come complete with pastillas Usher – peppermints with packaging that remind you that ‘el que ama siempre es joven’ (the one who loves is always young) or ‘mientras menos burros más olotes’ (basically, the more the merrier, but the less the more food).

Table signs at MX Taco Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
You take ’em to the table, they bring you the food

Substantial, crisp totopos with a corniness bordering on dad-joke were dipped into a spot-on tomatillo salsa (albeit a tad congealed from refrigeration). Cochinita Pibil tacos were tasty and classically sloppy, a Shrimp Tikin taco an immediate “I would order this again” winner, and the Mole Poblano was so damn tasty I was thinking about it the entire drive home. I seriously may go back tomorrow for another. Mole Poblano. Mole Poblano. Just typing it makes me feel good.

Mole Poblano Taco at MX Taco Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
Mole Poblano Taco

Taco-glossary-fun-time! The Cochinita Pibil featured bitter orange pulled pork and pickled onion, the Shrimp Tikin achiote orange shrimp and more pickled onion, and the Mole Poblano; chicken, cotija cheese, and crema. Holy m’fing mole, was it good. Yeah, I went there. The pun never stops when I’m around.

Tacos are $2.75 a pop or $3.25 with steak or shrimp. Tacos al Pastor are a Saturday special from 12pm-3pm ($3 per) and Pozole is dished up on Thursdays for $6.

Shrimp tacos at MX Taco Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
Shrimp tacos

Ryan Manning is the man behind the MX plan, and despite my desperate need to have him be part of the football tossing clan, he is not. However, according to websites and wall plaques,  he has spent significant game time in Mexican kitchens (Mexico Mexican) and cooking for the Mexican embassy in DC. The food shows. MX Taco is a very welcome addition to whatever new Orlando district we invented today. Ah, yes – the Milk.

So, let’s consider ourselves lucky and embrace the taco invasion. It appears that we’re certain to be happier eaters under the new regime. And, remember – the one who loves (tacos) is always young.

Meal at MX Taco Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
The whole enchilada (of tacos)
Cochinita Pibil taco at MX Taco Mexican Restaurant in Orlando
Cochinita, time for your closeup

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