Every month Orlando Eats highlights a sampling of our top tastes in Central Florida – three random nibbles that delighted, surprised, or befuddled with their brilliance.

The Choripan at Sausage Shack: $7.49

This oblong beauty just works on so many levels. The crunch and yield of a perfectly toasted hoagie roll giving way to the fatty goodness of quality chorizo combined with the sharpness of fresh chimichurri is what carnivorous dreams are made of. Find them here.

Chorizo on toasted hoagie roll with fresh chimichurri

Whole Fried Snapper at Lombardis: $14.98

It’s no big secret that Lombardi’s seafood market on W Fairbanks Ave has a sneaky-good, laid back café serving super-fresh seafood. What’s lesser known is that their Whole Fried Snapper is perhaps the best in town. Far tastier, far meatier (and far cheaper) than almost every other local alternative.

Pork and Eggplant Mystery Dish at Taste of Chengdu: Priceless

Owing to a long wait during soft launch, we were treated to this ethereal, off-menu Pork and Eggplant dish at Taste of Chengdu. Let’s get this on the menu. Start a petition. Launch a kickstarter page. Sow discord in the streets. Orlando eaters need more umami!

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