Our favorite Winter Park coffee shop (and coffee shop food) is mixing it up, having launched a new menu today. You can A & B oldie and newbie below.

Link to Old New General Menu (PDF)

New Menu at New General Coffee Shop in Orlando Florida

New-New General Menu

We’re happy to see certain classic faves remain like the Avocado Poke Bowl and just as happy to see that they have new running buddies, like the Chickpea Buddha Bowl. Suppose it’s all about the bowls these days.

Tuna Avocado Poke Bowl at New General Coffee Shop in Orlando

Avocado Poke Bowl

The new Curry Egg Salad Sandwich on granary bread definitely took us back to our London days. Went down a treat, as they say. A pinch of curry, some pickled veg, and an artery-exercising slab of well-sourced crispy pig. Loved every bite. Whenever we have a hankerin’ for ‘egg mayo’ we know where to go. If you haven’t given New General a try, the new menu is a good excuse. Just don’t tell your friends. The stress of standing in line for our Turmeric Latte will just make us need extra Reishi.

Curry Egg Salad Sandwich at New General Coffee Shop in Orlando Florida

Curry Egg Salad Sandwich + Nueske Bacon

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